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How We Can Help

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At some point in the life of every successful, growing company, there is a need for EXPANDABILITY. Perhaps it’s a new line of business, an acquisition, or a merger. In such pivotal moments, objective financial and operational advice from the Eventus team of experts can be the critical difference maker.

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Planning & Implementing Due Diligence Engagements

Due Diligence was historically designed to focus on identifying risk, and either mitigating, negotiating, or abandoning a potential transaction. But due diligence is not just about risk anymore. Eventus also values the due diligence process to identify post-deal value creation opportunities and devise the beginnings of an integration plan so as to accelerate value realization after the deal is closed.

M&A Integration Support

Leveraging the due diligence findings, Eventus works with your integration team to maintain the deal’s momentum by jumpstarting integration planning activities pre-close and deploying a structure to govern the process.

Deal Structuring & Financial Modeling

Eventus utilizes the same tools that M&A investment bankers and acquirers use to provide you with a comprehensive financial assessment of every contemplated transaction. Crucial to this effort is our evaluation of the business fundamentals via multiple modeling techniques in order to pinpoint common structural issues, refine financial projections, and deliver the most accurate analysis for your consideration.