What’s in a name?

At Eventus, it’s everything. Our namesake, Bonus Eventus, is the ancient Roman personification of successful outcomes. Like Bonus Eventus, we seek success at every stage of our clients’ business life cycle.

Our Mission

We provide your growing business with the best-in-class finance and accounting team it needs, without the time, cost, and stress it would take to build one on your own.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Neil Reithinger

President & Managing Director Read Bio

Aaron Spool

Managing Director Read Bio

Eric Wilkins

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel Read Bio

Mark Stoller

Senior Manager of Business Development Read Bio

Addam Stone

Director Read Bio

Greg Lopez

Director Read Bio

Joe Dubow

Director Read Bio

Joe Ramelli

Director Read Bio

Peter Baldwin

Director Read Bio

Rachel Cappell

Director Read Bio

Robert Turner

Director Read Bio

Sherri Hockfield

Director Read Bio

Ted Sharp

SEC Director Read Bio

Jason Naparstek

Associate SEC Director Read Bio

Candace Wernick

Associate SEC Director Read Bio

Doug Sharp

SEC Manager Read Bio

Jennifer Tristan

SEC Manager Read Bio

Laura Alberson

Controller Read Bio

Lisa Randall

Controller Read Bio

Nerissa Beekharry

Controller Read Bio

Norma Tobar

Controller Read Bio

Rita Shires

Controller Read Bio

Sabine Williams

Controller Read Bio

Susan Burton

Controller Read Bio

Trish O’Kane

Controller Read Bio

Zuleyka Cox

Controller Read Bio

Hadi Medeiros

FP&A Analyst Read Bio

Andreina Sanchez

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Bai Gaye

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Lisa Cavagnaro

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Rasheeda Kennamore

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Stacey VanHorn

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Stephanie Banuelos

Accounting Manager Read Bio

Jen Wilkins

Manager of Administrative Services Read Bio

Shuly Spool

Head of Client Services & Technology Read Bio

Suzanne Andrews

Executive Assistant Read Bio

Our Shared Values

Envision to Enact

Predict the needs, opportunities, and obstacles of the businesses we work with. Then formulate a plan to move forward, and execute that plan. We are visionaries who help other visionaries bring their dream for the future into the present. With our vision as our guide, we grow and enable others to grow as great as they can, but not too fast or too slow; the proper pace is the key to prosperity.

Embrace Conversation

Communication is essential to alignment, and alignment is vital for success. Before you go any further in any partnership, speak to make certain that you align. Never fear the conversation, no matter how daunting it may seem. Be sure to keep others informed. Make certain they understand your words. And don’t just talk; listen. It’s how we build strong teams and empower them to reach unparalleled heights.

Know Your Value

You’re here, because you can do this. Be confident in your capabilities, and have a healthy awareness of your limitations. Know that you earned your position and that you belong. Above all else, you are not alone. You have a team of experts behind you. Don’t be afraid to lean on your circles of support whenever necessary, and forge forward on your own whenever possible. The greatest leaders balance independence with collaboration. So, do what you do best, and lead the way.

Drive Results

Act swiftly with the end in mind. Beyond words, we deliver tangible results. We are outcome-oriented activators who get the job done efficiently and effectively. Analysis and strategy are vital, but there is no achievement without action. Each move we make influences our next step and propels our growth, as well as the companies we work with. We match extensive experience with an unparalleled work ethic because expertise alone is not enough to thrive. It takes drive to scale.

Protect Your People

When businesses entrust us with their finances and accounting, they entrust us with their lives. We feel the full weight of that responsibility, and take complete ownership of every mission we undertake with a strong emphasis on integrity. At the core of what we do is the understanding that we are there for those who need us—whether it be a team member in need of assistance, a business with whom we partner, or a client whose prosperity rests on our support.

National Reach with a Personal Presence

Technology increases our efficiency, allowing us to communicate more rapidly and cut costs by facilitating telecommuting and remote access. This progress has sped up the pace of business growth and created opportunity for companies to be more dynamic. At Eventus, we see the benefit of both.

Our team is strategically located in the fastest-growing epicenters of business in the United States. This model allows for maximum availability and flexibility, maintaining our commitment to being on-call 24/7 while ensuring that we can also be on site whenever we are needed in person.