“We are preparing to raise capital.

How We Can Help

how to raise capital

Eventus is well-positioned in the industry to navigate the capital markets and help you maximize shareholder value. By enhancing your SCALABILITY through planning, process, technology, and the right financial partners, we can help you lay the proper foundation for sustainable growth and profitability.

how to raise capital

Capitalization Planning

Planning is the essential step before any raise and Eventus provides the full suite of services you will need to be ready to attract investors. Calculating your minimum and maximum capital needs, determining the optimal capitalization mix, analyzing rates of return on various deal structures, and generating pro forma projections that conform to GAAP are just some of the key steps Eventus can guide you through so that you can communicate effectively with prospective stakeholders and put your best foot forward.

Fundraising Process Management

When the planning is complete and the time comes to pitch, Eventus is consistently communicating with financing sources as part of our business practice and we can advise and guide you toward the most viable avenues for funding. When interest is expressed from an investor, we will work alongside you to manage the extensive – and often stressful — information-sharing process that will satisfy their due diligence and close the deal.

Investor Road Show Support

Raising money when you require capital is a practical necessity, but every company should have a short and long-term capital plan to analyze their financing options and be prepared for any unexpected circumstances. By examining the financial metrics of your business and developing models, Eventus can provide you with a financial “crystal ball” to anticipate your future capital needs and will be there to support your decisions in finance and investor meetings from start to finish.

Deal Structuring & Financial Modeling

Eventus utilizes the same tools that M&A investment bankers and acquirers use to provide you with a comprehensive financial assessment of every contemplated transaction. Crucial to this effort is our evaluation of the business fundamentals via multiple modeling techniques in order to pinpoint common structural issues, refine financial projections, and deliver the most accurate analysis for your consideration.