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A full-service finance and accounting department is what every growing business needs but only the largest corporations can truly afford.

Enter Eventus. We’re a proven team of seasoned professionals – from the minutiae to the megadeal – ready to provide any or all of the specialized finance and accounting expertise you require without the burdensome expense of in-house staff.

Whatever your most urgent compliance needs, your imminent funding challenges, your long-term growth objectives, Eventus gives you the ability to achieve all of your company’s financial goals.

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"We’re growing fast and need resources."

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"I need actionable data."

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"We are preparing to raise capital."

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"We may need an audit."

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"Public filings are a struggle every quarter."

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"We’re about to make an acquisition."

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Client Narrative

As a small agency, we needed a dedicated and experienced financial team to guide and inform our financial growth. This decision has proven instrumental in enhancing the overall management of our growing marketing agency.

From strategic insight and long-term financial planning to reporting and day-to-day financial management, the work of our Eventus team is helping ensure that our business objectives and financial goals are aligned. The attention to detail and expertise in finance, reporting, and streamlined process has increased efficiency and significantly improved the accuracy and transparency of our statements, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and growth.

We are thrilled with what our Eventus power team has brought to FUEL. Their contributions extend beyond number-crunching, fostering a financial environment that promotes stability while remaining agile to adapt to the dynamic needs of our agency’s growth.

- Meredith Kinsey, President and COO @ FUEL

“Eventus continues to be a tremendous source of strategic value to The Tot. I was introduced to their team when we were considering new funding options for growth strategies. Eventus was able to drop in an on-demand CFO, Controller, and Accounting team within a week for us. They’ve helped us through capital raise planning as well as owning all of the ongoing finance and accounting operations. I’m very happy with the level of attention, high-quality service, and savings we receive by working with Eventus. I recommend them to any business leader seeking a long-term partner who consistently brings solutions to the table.”

- Kathy Kipriotis, CEO of The Tot

“At the very beginning of our relationship with Eventus, we had some complex issues with an operating entity that needed consolidation with a publicly traded parent company. We lacked the bandwidth to appropriately manage the accounting, finance, and SEC reporting, which could have hindered our ability to provide accurate and timely information to shareholders. Immediately, Eventus stepped in to deal with technical issues and build our financial processes so that we could have timely monthly closes and be compliant in all of our SEC reporting. Fast-forward to today. We have finished the development of our equipment and proven its commercial viability with the first full, healthy lot of shrimp that is ready for sale. The company is now scaling to build additional equipment, acquire additional facilities, and list on Nasdaq. We credit Eventus for their role in supporting us on our journey, and we look forward to continuing our relationship as we enter this next phase of our business cycle.”

- Gerald Easterling, CEO of NaturalShrimp Incorporated

“Here’s the deal – we needed to quickly separate out a dozen different entities into a new company. We had 30 days to get the job done without disturbing our clients. We didn’t want them double-billed or improperly invoiced; they didn’t need to know what was happening behind the scenes. Eventus was the perfect partner for this chaotic, yet critical, and time-sensitive project. They met every timeline; no client experienced any issues; it was as smooth a transition as possible. The Eventus team responded to every request and took the initiative to make process improvement recommendations wherever practical. Honestly, I never doubted that the transition would come off without a hitch. Where other firms let things operate “business as usual,” Eventus sought to make the systems and processes “best in class”; they inspired confidence throughout the entire project. We kept them on after the transition, as we sought to determine exactly what kind of internal support would be needed on an ongoing basis. That’s the great thing about Eventus – from short-term high-intensity integration-related projects to ongoing accounting support – they can do it all on-demand.” 

- Thomas Doherty, Partner at Mercury Public Affairs

“During our sales process we turned to Eventus’ experience with due diligence to support an impending strategic transaction. The Eventus team became the deal data room’s de facto quarterback. They managed all incoming data requests and ensured the right data was collected from the right source in the company, and then provided to the potential acquirer with the right level of detail, especially as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave data requests were made. Eventus’ expertise clearly showed through. We could quickly and efficiently access the data all parties in the transaction needed to make crucial decisions as the transaction moved toward completion. They made certain the due diligence process didn’t get bogged down or create issues.”

- Jeremy Parker, Founder & CEO of

“TeamPay needed a part-time CFO advisory vendor that could keep pace with the rate of change happening at TeamPay and deliver great results in fast timeframes. We were asking for a lot, but as a rapidly-growing startup, we needed the best we could get.

Once Eventus onboarded, our transaction accounting, monthly close activities, and special projects all went extremely well. The Eventus team got into the weeds to learn our business, they were easy to work with, answered questions, and dealt with issues in a very timely manner. We never waited around wondering what was going on.

Eventus served as the perfect bridge between no staff and our current full-time department. They set us up for success when we transitioned to inhouse staff. The handover went as smooth as one could want in such a complicated process – and I’ve heard stories about bad ones – Eventus kept our books clean and made it easy as possible. I’m a very happy graduate of Eventus!”

- Peter Nesbitt, CFO

Cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), stablecoins and the rest of the Web3 digital assets create a different set of financial accounting and management challenges for companies whose investment or operational model use these assets. We hired Eventus to help deal with the complexities of the digital assets on our books. In order to accurately close out our annual books, Eventus cleaned up 12 months of transactions from 17 different cryptowallets in a matter of weeks. From the day-to-day communications to the quality of the Eventus team, the experience of working with Eventus was excellent. The crypto space is fluid and rapidly evolving. The experienced and knowledgeable team from Eventus helped us navigate these new accounting challenges and set us up for success as we look toward our next phase of growth.

- Web3.0 Asset Company