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How We Can Help

raise capital fast

As a company rapidly on the rise, it’s no surprise that your growth may outpace your current team’s bandwidth and skill sets. We are a firm of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in many different industries, varying business sizes, and financial transactions from the multifaceted to the mundane. Eventus is poised to provide you with the ADAPTABILITY you require to meet the needs of your ever-expanding company.

raise capital fast

Financial Forecasting & Budget Preparation

Eventus is highly skilled at constructing financial models and performing statistical analyses that serve as essential components in quantifying your planning, understanding financial performance, forecasting future performance, identify inefficiencies, making better, more informed decisions, and presenting your ambitions to interested third parties – in all, a financial “road map” that will help keep your company on track and moving forward.

Cash Flow Management & Projections

Having consistent and accurate visibility of cash flow is critical to any business. We can assist you in managing and projecting your cash flow properly by anticipating the timing of your cash flow needs, identifying cash flow sources, and helping you maintain good relationships with bankers and other creditors. By accurately projecting cash flow, we can help you strengthen your ability to obtain a line of credit, establish effective collection and payment policies, and obtain the maximum rate of return on your idle cash.

Process Improvement

Just because it’s working doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. We can guide you through a rigorous course of process improvement that identifies, analyzes, and improves upon existing business procedures with an eye towards revenue enhancement, increasing profits and performance, and reducing costs. Our process improvement strategy may also help you better the quality of your product or service to more closely match customer and consumer needs.

Profitability Enhancement

Hand-in-hand with improving process is the resulting potential to increase profits. Our accounting and finance expertise comes with an array of tools designed to facilitate continuous growth of sales and earnings and yield enhanced profitability, including a series of analyses focused on understanding your sales base, assessing costs, benchmarking performance expectations, and leveraging your position with suppliers, as well as the necessary policies and procedures to implement the findings of each study.

KPI Design & Implementation

You may have an intuitive understanding of what drives your business, but do you have a practical way to measure those drivers? Our team has deep metrics and data backgrounds that allow them to synthesize disparate data streams into Key Performance Indicators and implement the processes necessary to ensure accurate measurement and controls.

Managerial Reporting Design

The GAAP-compliant reporting you must generate for regulatory compliance may not give you the insight you truly need to run your company. We understand the importance of concise, yet meaningful reporting and can tailor a reporting package to your individual business needs. For Board meetings and/or investor meetings, the requirements can vary by company, and our finance leaders have been the right hands of many a senior executive and know the sorts of information these stakeholders need to see and hear.