About Us

Eventus Advisory Group is a CFO-services firm that provides finance and accounting expertise and capital advisory services to small and medium-sized companies, both public and private. Our mission is to complement the core competencies of our clients with valuable corporate finance expertise and to provide avenues for financial resources. We help our clients meet their internal financial reporting needs, as well as their regulatory requirements so that they are prepared for the financial reporting challenges and opportunities that regulatory bodies and the marketplace present. We work with the CEO, CFO and executive teams of companies to offer a wide variety of services that enable our clients to grow and to achieve their objectives.

For almost twenty years, our principals have been active in the operational and financial aspects of public and private companies, from assisting them with executing and developing their business plan through all of the appropriate finance and accounting infrastructure. We help clients on capital planning by advising on the structure of equity and debt financings for private or institutional capital. Additionally, we take an active role for our public clients by managing all of their SEC compliance in the preparation of registration statements, filing of quarterly and annual reports with the SEC and managing board and stockholder meetings.

Our professionals bring business operations and financial experience that provide practical business-oriented solutions to our clients’ issues, while meeting clients’ objectives effectively and efficiently, including leveraging our relationships within the capital markets