The Path Forward

In News by Eric Wilkins

We believe that the future of our industry is in our ability to control the work we do, when we do it and how we do it. This leads to workers who are satisfied in the quality and quantity of their work while also pursuing their own personal ambitions, whatever they may be.

While “work life balance” is a noble idea — Life is not a spreadsheet, and this balance is elusive. We believe, as many in modern business culture are now coming to realize, that achieving “work life harmony” through hard work, personal purpose, and a flexible and freeing work configuration are the keys to achieving greater economically sustainable success and profitability. Basically, striking a healthy and positive balance between work and play is the key to greater success and productivity.

Eventus is not just a financial services firm. It is a family. A family that wants to see each and every member reach the greatest heights imaginable. We take pride in helping each other improve as individuals and employees.

When you choose to work at Eventus, you are choosing to take total control of your career. Eventus gives you the freedom to balance your professional ambition with your personal ambition.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for decades there is always something you can learn and something you can teach. That quest for knowledge and gift of mentorship are things we value and contribute to a positive family environment.

As a fractional financial professional you will be exposed to more aspects of the financial world than you would in a traditional setting, that will help you grow your knowledge base and prepare for you for career advancement.

No more sitting at a desk doing mindless work hoping someone will notice or staying late for no other reason than “face time”. At Eventus, you will grow and develop as a professional at the highest levels of finance while ensuring that much needed balance between work and life. Where you are valued for who you are and what you do. (Of course, there probably will still be some mindless work. Sorry!)

If you have ever felt the need to take greater ownership of your career come join our family at Eventus. Let us help you make the most of it.

Eric Wilkins
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel